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2013 CREST Pontoon

Harbor Pointe Marina is very proud to be the central Alabama dealer for Crest Pontoon Boats.  Crest is truly the best engineered pontoon boat on the market, no other company is close to the engineering, quality, performance, styling and service that Crest has.  Crest has boats that are designed for skiing, cruising the lake, fishing or any combination.  Crest, by far, has the widest range of pontoon boats on the market today.  Crest features double pontoons, triple-pontoons, and the all new and patented taper-toon.  Crest features Honda and Suzuki 4 stroke outboard engines.  We can truly build a pontoon boat that fits your needs for prices that will blow away the competitors “off the shelf packages”!  Why settle for someonelse’s boat that is more expensive, when you can design your own for less.  Call us today for details at 256.825.0600 or check out the Crest web site.  Click the Crest link under the “Link” section of the Harbor Pointe web site.

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